Spectators climb sixth St. Viaduct in L.A. to look at road takeover downtown


Curious spectators had been seen climbing the brand new sixth Avenue Bridge to catch a glimpse of drivers performing burnouts and donuts on the viaduct over the weekend.

In a video shared by KTLA, at the very least two individuals could be seen sitting atop the archway on Sunday, as billows of smoke stuffed the viaduct beneath. Drivers had been seen drifting on the bridge and performing donuts, inflicting a visitors jam.

The onlookers ultimately got here down from the archways on their very own accord, and it’s unclear whether or not anybody was arrested. The bridge was open to regular visitors as of Monday morning.

Unlawful road takeovers and racing have develop into extra widespread within the streets of Los Angeles recently and might simply flip lethal. In June, two ladies in Compton had been killed throughout a road takeover, after their sedan collided with an SUV whereas driving in circles in an intersection.



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