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Each from time to time, we attain a second in time when the scales fall from our eyes, and actuality is revealed to us. We are actually at a kind of moments when the tales we inform ourselves have fallen aside. The dominant narratives are failing.

Not their irresistible enchantment to our deep lizard brains, however moderately, their potential to steer us by telling a compelling story.

Longtime readers know this can be a favourite challenge of mine.1 The written phrase, barely a number of millennia outdated, mattered little or no for many of human historical past. However for the previous century, the overwhelming majority of individuals had been illiterate; even at the moment, a surprising share are innumerate. And so we developed story-telling to share data amongst ourselves, to go down via the generations: When sure animals had been round for the hunt; what toxic snakes to keep away from and mushrooms to not eat; when to plant crops, the altering of seasons, methods to keep away from harmful climate, and extra.

Good narratives saved you alive, and good tales had been simple to recollect and share. Throughout most of human historical past, the tales we advised ourselves had been much less vital than the survival data they contained. Right now, it’s the narratives that compel individuals to motion, moderately than the significance of which lethal toxin they need to keep away from.

I began creating a listing of the narratives which have fallen aside this 12 months; I needed to confine myself to 10 from 2022, in any other case, the checklist would have change into too lengthy and unwieldy to handle.

I don’t consider I have to expound on every of those 10 bullet factors. I’m assured that you simply, expensive reader, perceive what the prior dominant narrative was for every, why these fables failed, and the following chaos that these failures created.

2022 Narrative #Fails

The Billionaire Genius

SBF, FTX & Alameda Analysis

Tech Dominance & the New Economic system

The Fed Put

60/40 is lifeless

DeFi Will Change Laws

Russian Navy May

A Crimson Wave is Coming

The Inevitable Triumph of Trump/MAGA

How About These Mets?

Following every of those failures will likely be a brand new dominant narrative, lots of which can subsequently be revealed as failing, too.

A number of lists of 10 could possibly be simply created. As to my 10, you possibly can quibble across the edges for any of them. Every of those was a dominant market/media/populace perception for a considerable measure of time earlier than the story was revealed as flawed.

Again and again, actuality intrudes to break down these narratives. Because the Fact is revealed, there are solely so many falsehoods we are able to cling to moderately than embrace actuality as it’s. We should enjoy these moments once they happen, for they’re rare and all too transient; quickly after, they are going to be misplaced to our recollections, which are likely to fail us quickly after. As soon as the disaster passes, we return to our beforehand false supply of consolation.

Maybe a few of these may rise once more; lots of their adherents have the red-hot perception of zealotry, whether or not it’s politics or property or sports activities. Keep in mind, the phrase “Fan” is an abbreviated model of the phrase “Fanatic.”

Actuality – aka The Fact – often places us again on our heels. That is very true when actuality conflicts with our cozy narratives. The comforting lies we inform ourselves can solely final so lengthy within the face of overwhelming proof on the contrary.

The P&L doesn’t lie…



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1. “Narrative” as an evolutionary improvement is certainly one of my private narratives.


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